Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

Farce of party court culminates, ex-Prilep mayor Risteski convicted because members of Colorful Revolution painted the municipal building

The judiciary in the Republic of Macedonia is more like a farce, judgments are being written under the pressure from the ruling party rather than according to the letter of the law. The Basic Court in Prilep sentenced Tuesday the former mayor of Prilep from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE, Marjan Risteski, for not protecting the municipal building from the painting by the members of the so-called Colorful Revolution.

Risteski with a first instance verdict of the Basic Court in Prilep has been sentenced to a suspended sentence of six months in prison, which will not be executed if he doesn’t commit an offense within a year. Additionally, a fine in the amount of 36,900 MKD has been imposed on Risteski.

The judgment itself is absurd. Instead of damages being paid by the members of the so-called Colorful Revolution who painted the building of the municipality and damaged municipal property, the mayor Marjan Risteski, who at that time was the mayor of the municipality, was sentenced.

The Interior Ministry and the Public Prosecutor’s Office have not instituted proceedings against the members of the so-called Colorful Revolution that damaged the municipal building, but Risteski, who is a political opponent of the ruling party, was sentenced.