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Farmers’ federation observes International Day for Rural Women


A march and humanitarian campaign will observe Tuesday the International Day for Rural Women-October 15 in Resen and Otesevo, organized by the the Macedonian Federation of Farmers (FFRM) and the Network for Rural Development.

The objective is to highlight the need for economic strengthening of the rural woman, her increased involvement in agriculture policy creation, as well as the joint struggle against discrimination and traditional barriers regarding education and development of rural women.

The march will start at noon followed by a humanitarian event in Otesevo. The collected funds will be allocated to a poor family from the Prespa area.

This year, the International Day for Rural Women focuses on the theme “Challenges and opportunities in climate-resilient agriculture for gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls”.

“With changing climate, women’s already unequal access to land, water and energy is further impacted. At the same time, existing gender inequalities and discrimination that constrain rural women’s decision-making power and participation in their households and their communities, are exacerbated by climate change and climate disasters. For instance, as floods and droughts increase, rural women and girls spend more time and effort to collect and secure water and fuel, missing out on education and income-generating opportunities”, says UN Women.

A changing climate also means that there is a shrinking window of opportunity to close gender gaps in agriculture. A vast majority of the world’s poor live in rural areas, and closing the gender gaps in agriculture is essential for ensuring food security, building climate resilience and ending poverty. It will enable women farmers to adopt climate-resilient agricultural approaches at the same rate as men and increase overall agricultural productivity. According to some estimates, women’s equal access to land and other productive assets could increase agricultural outputs by up to 20 per cent in Africa.

UN Women supports efforts to increase women farmers’ access to land, financing, climate information and climate-smart technologies to achieve gender equality through climate-resilient agriculture, as well as enhancing their capacity to move up green agricultural value chains.