Friday, 21 September 2018 | News today: 18

FAZ: Skopje airport might be renamed after local elections


There is a possibility for Macedonia’s government to decide after the local elections to rename Skopje airport by some geographic identifier or, for example name it ‘Mother Teresa’, German daily ‘ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ (FAZ) says in its analysis – ‘Not Under This Name’ – on the name dispute with Greece.

The country’s name is not the main problem, as Athens’ demands for changing the names of the nation and language, which as FAZ says ‘was not an acceptable topic of negotiations for (Nikola) Gruevski, as it is the case with (Nikola) Dimitrov’ – the incumbent Foreign Minister, the Deutsche Welle – Macedonian language program quotes FAZ analysis.

‘We, Macedonians, have not woken up one morning and decided to be what we are. We are Macedonians as a result of a historic process, which is non-negotiable. We don’t seek exclusivity for us – to be Macedonians. I feel as Macedonian national, but have nothing against if some Greek in Thessaloniki feels as Macedonian whether in regional or cultural terms,’ Dimitrov tells FAZ.

The ‘antiquization’ policy of the former (Macedonian) government will not resume, Dimitrov says, pointing out that ‘we don’t need hundreds of monuments to feels as proud Macedonians’.

FAZ says the minister failed to say if the new government is ready to rename the highway and Skopje airport, which for Athens are provocative.

‘Macedonia has learned a lesson from the mistakes in the recent period,’ FAZ cites Dimitrov.

‘That (Gruevski’s governing) doesn’t justify the fact that we have lost our bearings in Skopje. The former government has distanced itself from Europe, enabling everybody to hinder Macedonia’s progress,’ Dimitrov says.

Macedonia has learned from its mistakes, he adds, expressing hope that Europe ‘has also learned something from its own mistakes.’