Friday, 22 June 2018 | News today: 1

Finance Ministry begins wiring agriculture subsidy payments

The Finance Ministry on Thursday began wiring payments of the agriculture subsidies to thousands of farmers, which were delayed for months due to the political crisis. It took a Constitutional Court decision to determine that the current placeholder Government has the authority to make pay the subsidies, after questions over whether the legal limits on new spending the pre and post-election period applies to the subsidies.

“We have wire 463 million denars (7,5 million EUR) in subsidies that fully cover the due payments for 2015 in grains, cattle feed, rice, fruits, vegetables, grapes, cattle, hens, milk and other products. The payment also covers 2016 subsidies for rice and milk”, said the Finance Ministry.

In its press release, the Ministry said that the budget is well covered and providing the funds was no problem, but the issue arose over the legality of the payments. “As soon as the legal obstacles were removed, the Ministry initiated the payments”, it said.