Sunday, 22 April 2018 | News today: 8

Finance Ministry says payment of farm subsidies can begin tomorrow


The Finance Ministry said that it will be able to begin wiring money for the farm subsidies from Wednesday, when the preliminary decision by the Constitutional Court made last Wednesday becomes final.

Payment of the subsidies that are crucial to the farming sector was stalled because of the political crisis and the delays in forming a Government, with laws that block the outgoing Government from approving new spending causing legal uncertainty. The Constitutional Court ruled last Wednesday that farm subsidies do not fall under the category of new spending and that the current Government can approve their payment.

It was welcome news for tens of thousands of farmers who saw their subsidies withheld. Finance Ministry sources tell MIA that the budget is liquid and that the funds are available, but that they lacked legal grounds to make the payments, at least until the Constitutional Court decision is made final.