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Fiti: Macedonian is part of our identity and demands respect


Macedonian has been long codified as the national language. It has existed for centuries and cannot disappear. In that context, it should have the priority especially regarding academic research. Scholars should develop and study it, as it is Macedonia’s integrative language, which all communities should respect.

This was said by Taki Fiti, the President of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU), at the beginning of the International scholarly convention Days of Macedonian Studies at MANU on Wednesday.

As regards the name issue, Fiti pointed out that the Macedonian language must be recorded as the United Nations have already registered it –  Macedonian.

“We cannot accept,” Fiti said, “and I say this on behalf of MANU, that the language name should be written in the Latin alphabet the way we pronounce it, ‘makedonski.’ The language has to be registered by the UN as ‘Macedonian.’ It touches on crucial issues of identity and our suggestions to the Government are absolutely clear and sound.”