Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

FM Dimitrov: Main difference in name talks – scope of usage


Progress has been made during the last round of name talks in Vienna, but the most difficult issues still remain open, such as the Greek request for Macedonia to amend the constitution and the scope of use of the new name, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said in an interview with TV Alsat program ‘360 Grades’.

One of the four key elements of the negotiations (new complex name, scope of use, naming of the language and the citizenship) is still a subject of differences, which affects the resolving of others, Dimitrov said.

‘The aim is to come up with a solution that will make a distinction between our Macedonia and the Greek region bearing the same name. It’s very important for this solution to be sustainable and to that effect it must be dignified,’ Dimitrov said.