Thursday, 18 October 2018 | News today: 0

FM Poposki: Interfering of PM, President in internal affairs of neighboring country is improper behavior

An interference of a Prime Minister or President of a neighboring country in Macedonia’s internal affairs is neither decent nor appropriate. Especially not after the completion of democratic elections and ahead of the formation of the country’s new government, as such moves send wrong signals in the region, Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki says in regard to Tirana and Pristina recent activities of interference in Macedonia’s internal affairs.

Such approach in a place of multicultural tradition is rather dangerous and far from the practice of good-neighborly relations, Poposki says.

‘If we agree that our future is in Europe we should work for stability, peace, justice and economic prosperity for all citizens. We have always been fair in the cooperation with our neighbors. It will be the best for them to join us on that road instead of laying mines that brings risks to everybody,’ Poposki says.