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Food and Veterinary Agency to carry out reinforced controls for presence of GMO in food


Food and Veterinary Agency will carry out reinforced controls for presence of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in the food in the coming period, Food and Veterinary Agency Director Zoran Atanasov announced Thursday.

Atanasov told today’s press conference that the reinforced controls follow after the discovery 550 kg of GMO rice produced in Kocani from imported seed and presence of GMO in soya granules and chunks imported from Serbia in May.

“The rice is produced from imported seed and found in operator’s warehouse, but its producer is still unknown. It will be destroyed and the food’s operator is fined EUR 5.000 for the legal entity and EUR 1.700 for the responsible person,” Atanasov said.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, the importers of seed material will be controlled to determine the whereabouts of the imported seeds.

“Soya granules and chunks imported from Serbia containing GMO are withdrawn from sale,” Atanasov underlined.

The consumption of GMO food is allowed in the European Union, Atanasov said, adding that its presence should be designated on the ingredient labeling.