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Frckoski: Judges are bigger transitional traitors than us


A new theory of the well known expert for many subjects, professor at the Faculty of Law, Ljubomir Frckoski. In his latest column for the portal “Libertas”, he accused the judges of being the biggest traitors in this country and that their treason is bigger than their betrayals, referring not only to nowadays, but also to the past. This is exceptionally interesting because he was Minister of Internal Affairs in 90s, the time when a huge number of vague affairs date back.

Many judges “traitors” who today administer processes are former students of Frckoski.

“The biggest treason in the transition of Macedonia, in these 20 years of independence, my dear, is the judiciary! Its treason is far bigger, more shameful and more fatal for our democracy than all other our “betrayals”.

You can read the whole Firckoski’s column here.