Tuesday, 24 April 2018 | News today: 22

Freezing temperatures sweep across Macedonia


Freezing temperatures sweep Macedonia again Thursday morning with daily temperatures reaching -4C to 5C. National Hydrometeorological Service announced that temperatures will be on the rise as of Friday.

The lowest temperatures in Macedonia early this morning were recorded in Skopje Petrovec and Berovo -21 degrees Centigrade, -20C in Bitola, -19C in Tetovo, -18C in Kumanovo, Demir Kapija and Stip, -17C in Strumica, -16C in Skopje Zajcev Rid and Prilep, -15C in Kriva Palanka, -14C in Vinica, Debar and Pozarane, -13C in Topolcani and Gjuriste, -12C in Mavrovo and Gevgelija, -10C in Lazaropole, -9C in Krusevo, -8C in Pretor and -7C in Dojran and Ohrid.

The highest snow cover is in Mavrovo 62cm, and the lowest 1cm in Dojran.

During the day it will be mostly cloudy, very cold and foggy in certain ravines. Weak northwest winds will blow. The temperatures will range from -4C to 5C. In Skopje similar weather with temperatures up to -2C.

All citizens are advised to stay indoors when possible, to consume warm liquids and to avoid drinking alcohol. People are also advised to move cautiously on slippery surfaces.