Wednesday, 19 December 2018 | News today: 16

“From Istanbul to Anatolia” opens in “Mala Stanica” multimedia center


Photo exhibition titled “From Istanbul to Anatolia” by the famous Turkish photographer Mustafa Dedeoğlu will open Friday evening in the multimedia center “Mala Stanica” in organisation of the “Yunus Emre” Institute, the Skopje-based Turkish Cultural Center.

Director of “Yunus Emre” Institute, the Turkish Cultural Center Fejzulah Bahci said at today’s press conference that they host the important photo exhibition of the famous photographer Mustafa Dedeoğlu.

The author is famous not only in his native country but in Europe and in the world. Selected works we considered to be authentic for this region will be included in this evening’s exhibition. Dedeoğlu is renowned photographer and has many important photographs, Bahci said.

“Macedonia for us Turks is very important country. The famous author Yahya Kemal in one of his poetries said that Skopje is a continuation of Bursa city. It is a fact that every poet emphasizes this similarity between Macedonia and Turkey in relation to folklore, tradition, music and food. From every aspect we have many things to share because they are our common values”, Bahci stated.

Dedeoğlu’s photographs do not only describe the story about Istanbul, but they are also general story for Anatolia.

Photos that will be exhibited Friday evening with thematic Istanbul were also displayed in several countries. Fans of photography in Skopje will have the opportunity for the first time to see my photographs. I believe and hope that Turkish Cultural Center will continue with such activities, Dedeoğlu said.

Mustafa Dedeoğlu was born in Istanbul, in 1978. He first got in touch with photography in 2006.

Mustafa Dedeoğlu’s works are published in various local and foreign titles on art. The artist also shares his creations through exhibitions.

Mustafa Dedeoğlu has been displaying his art in Russia, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Tehran and France.