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Galicnik Wedding bride and groom presented



Tanja Lepceska and Zlatko Dimovski are the bride and the groom of this year’s Galicnik Wedding, which is to take place on July 13-15 in the village of Galicnik.

Aleksandar Kostic, president of the local community of Galicnik, which organises the event, said that they are proud that Agency for Support of Tourism declared Galicnik Wedding as the most successful tourist event in 2017 and that New York Times and the National Geographic named it as Europe’s most traditional wedding festival.

These acknowledgments are yet another confirmation the Galicnik Wedding to continue to cherish the Macedonian cultural treasure and to be its promoter worldwide, Kostic said adding that numerous renowned artists will participate in this year’s manifestation.

The patron of this year’s event is the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. On his behalf, the Minister without Portfolio, Robert Popovski, wished happiness and unforgettable wedding days to the bride and the groom.

“The Government continuously supports the Galicnik Wedding and I believe that this support will continue to increase in the future, because every year the event becomes more and more popular which is confirmed by increased interest of world television companies. Galicnik is the epicenter of the Macedonian culture, tradition, customs, culture and arts throughout the centuries,” Popovski said, who himself originates from Galicnik.

The wedding ceremony starts after the sunset, Saturday night. The main rituals take place on the St. Peter’s Day. In the past, many people living in Galicnik were working abroad and they used to come back home for that special holiday and get married.

The Galicnik Wedding will also mark the start of this year’s Galicnik Culture Summer, which will open on July 13 with the performance of the guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski, the opera singer Vesna Gjinovska Ilkova and the bands “It’s It” and “Band Off”.