Thursday, 13 December 2018 | News today: 25

Galicnik Wedding bride and groom presented

Tanja Calovska, 28, and Bosko Lepceski, 31, will be the bride and groom of this year’s Galicnik Wedding, held on July 15-16.

Both Calovska and Lepceski descend from the Galicnik region and are well-acquainted with the wedding customs.

“I have been attending the Galicnik Wedding for 15 years and always had the wish to be a bride. This is a realization of my dream, continuing the tradition of my predecessors”, said Calovska at Wednesday’s press conference.

Lepceski said it was an honor to resume the centuries-old tradition of customs and songs in such a biblical place as Galicnik.

The wedding will begin on Saturday and last throughout the weekend. It will also mark the start of this year’s Galicnik Culture Summer, including literary and art colonies.

The Galicnik Wedding Festival, one of the oldest cultural manifestations in the country, offers a myriad of customs and rituals from the Miak region in western Macedonia.

The first edition of Galicnik’s Wedding Festival was held in 1963. Since 1990, a special committee is set up to pick a young couple to be married in Galicnik according to its local customs.

Weddings in Galicnik always took place around the religious holiday of St. Peter’s Day, when economic immigrants returned to their homeland.