Friday, 16 November 2018 | News today: 0

Gasoline and diesel prices rise


As of Monday midnight, retail prices of gasoline will go up by MKD 1.00 per liter, and of diesel by MKD 0.5 per liter.

According to the Regulatory Energy Commission (REC), the new price of Eurosuper BS-95 will be MKD 72 per liter, and Eurosuper BS-98 will now cost MKD 74 per liter.

The new price of Eurodiesel will be MKD 64 per liter, and extra light household fuel will cost MKD 52.50.

The price of crude oil M-1 HC will also be higher: MKD 34.711 per kg.

The REC has increased prices of oil derivatives due to the higher average price of crude oil on global markets in the past two weeks (USD 75.88 per barrel) and the 0.21% lower MKD to USD exchange rate.