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Gennimata: Prespa agreement not acceptable

The Greek government has made dangerous concessions over the language and the nationality, thus opening new issues instead of closing old ones. The agreement is unacceptable for us, says Movement for Change leader Fofi Gennimata, MIA reports from Athens.

According to her, the party wants instead a sustainable agreement with the neighboring country, an agreement eliminating any type of irredentism and future nationalistic aspirations.

“When the agreement was unveiled, we said it is unacceptable under those terms. If this was the case, former PASOK governments would have solved it. We are against the concessions made by the Greek government on the critical issues of nationality and language. These are dangerous and historically erroneous concessions, which open new issues instead of closing old ones,” Gennimata told an event in Serres.

She asked why is there a difference between the country’s name and the nationality of its citizens, and why has Greece accepted the recognition of the Macedonian language without any prefixes.

“The agreement can cause serious and real problems in the issue of trademarks and the use of word ‘Macedonian’. Greece should be cautious, because I fear that if we do nothing, we could soon find ourselves faced with painful surprises,” stressed Gennimata.

According to her, PASOK had signed the Interim Treaty, aimed at securing peace in the region, but also ‘negotiating superiority’, accusing PM Tsipras of managing the issue without guaranteeing the national interest.

Gennimata also accused the Greek government over the letter sent to NATO approving Macedonia’s accession, saying “the integration process has begun”.

“If other countries continue with the ratification process, Greece will eventually be left alone,” underlined Gennimata.