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Georgi Licovski’s photo among TIME’s Top 10 photos of 2015


The same photo that brought Republika’s photographer Georgi Licovski the UNICEF photo of the year 2015 award TIME magazine listed as one of the top 10 photos of 2015.

Licovski’s photo was taken on the Greek-Macedonian border on 21 August.

Macedonian police clash with refugees at blocked border

“That was a day I will never forget. It was the first time I saw my colleagues cry and take pictures, shaken by the terrified children’s faces that were trying to find their parents, brothers or sisters in the chaos. I was taking pictures with the intention of showing the world what was happening so that no child should ever live through this again,” Licovski told TIME.

See more at: http://time.com/4145154/top-10-photos-2015/