Tuesday, 20 November 2018 | News today: 22

Google employees walk out across the globe over sexual harassment


Google faced mass walkouts across the world on Thursday as workers protested sexual harassment in the workplace, dpa news agency reported.

At the tech giant’s EU headquarters in Dublin, hundreds of employees took part in the hour-long walkout from around 11 am.

Footage and pictures shared on Twitter showed crowds gathered in front of the company’s headquarters in the Irish capital.

One of the group’s coordinators said the movement was “in solidarity with anybody who has experienced any form of sexual harassment or misconduct in our workplace.”

Employees for the tech giant in London also took part, although most “congregated indoors due to the poor weather,” a Twitter account dedicated to the initiative said.

Google employees in Asia were also part of the movement, with reports of walkouts in Singapore and Tokyo, while further protests were expected in the United States later on Thursday.

The demonstrations come after a New York Times report alleged that the Silicon Valley company had dismissed Android creator Andy Rubin for sexual misconduct in 2014 and is still paying him a package worth 90 million dollars.

The Google Walkout listed its demands on Twitter, including an end to forced arbitration, which is used to stop complainants from going public, and commitments to equality pay and equality in the workplace.