Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | News today: 4

Government forwards nominees for ministers, deputy-ministers to Parliament


The Government has forwarded the nominees for new ministers and deputy ministers to the Parliament, said Government Spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski on Wednesday.

Renata Deskoska is the nominee for Minister of Justice, Arber Ademi-Minister of Education and Science, Afas Ademi-Minister of Culture, and Bardul Dauti-Minister without Portfolio.

In addition, Andrej Zernovski is the nominee for Deputy Foreign Minister, Asim Musa-Deputy Minister of Health, Gonul Bajraktar-Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy, and Sadik Beqiri-Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications.

The Government has also forwarded the resignations of Bilen Saliji from the post Minister of Justice, Renata Deskoska-Minister of Education and Science, Robert Alagjozovski-Minister of Culture, Arta Toci-Deputy Foreign Minister, Goce Cakarovski-Deputy Minister of Health, Arber Ademi-Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Elmir Aziri-Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy, and Remzi Mehmeti-Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications.