Thursday, 21 June 2018 | News today: 22

Government measures expected to create another 10,000 jobs in 2017


More and more companies are applying to use government employment measures, which have been producing excellent results. To back up this fact, Macedonia has recorded a historic low unemployment rate, which now stands at 23.1%, the head of the Skopje Employment Center said Wednesday.

According to Slobodanka Aleksovska, the unemployment rate in the past decade has dropped by 14%.

“Even in times of political crisis, unemployment marks a drop due to the well-designed government policies and measures,” Aleksovska told a joint news conference at the Association of Chambers of Commerce in Skopje.

She said another 10,000 new direct jobs were planned for 2017 alongside indirect ones set to be created by other government programs.

“More and more companies are using the measures because the effects are clear. 43,000 people have been employed since 2007,” Aleksovska noted.

According to the Association of Chambers of Commerce, the positive effect of the measures is evident through the fact that companies’ costs are cut down, their growth is promoted and the unemployment rate is decreased through job creation.

“The implementation of employment policies has created opportunities for companies to boost their capacities and staff, business development is stimulated and conditions are made for more job creation,” the Association’s executive director Aleksandar Zarkov said.

According to him, roughly 70% of jobless people who attended trainings as part of the government measures are now working.

Of the companies that are members of the Association of Chambers of Commerce, at least 30% are beneficiaries of the government-run employment measures.