Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | News today: 4

Government reshuffle: Gashi’s BESA, DPA, Roma Alliance join Zaev’s cabinet


The Afrim Gashi-led BESA, DPA and Amdi Bajram’s Alliance of Roma People will join the government as the new junior coalition partners.

“We have reached a deal with BESA, led by MP Afrom Gashi, with DPA and the Alliance of Roma People of Amdi Bajram, who has acted as an independent deputy in the past few months,” Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told reporters on Tuesday.

Negotiations are under way with some other people, he said failing to reveal any names. “It is a matter that should be discussed first by party bodies.”

“The parties themselves will most probably announce the names of the candidates they nominate. I’ve talked with the candidates and I pay utmost attention to their personalities, it’s what matters to me most,” Zaev said.

Motions on the appointments will be sent to Parliament by the end of the week, according to him.