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Government reshuffle imminent


The departure of Samka Ibraimovski from the post Minister charged with implementation of strategy for improvement of state of Roma in Macedonia is yet another announcement over a Government reshuffle.

MIA learns there will be changes in the Government composition besides filling the vacant posts of health minister and deputy-education minister. The Alliance of Albanians will probably end its participation in the coalition, with SDSM assuming the health sector.

The new government members are set to be elected next week.

Ibraimovski returns to the Parliament, replacing SDSM’s Vasko Kovacevski who has resigned from the MP post.

“I expect a more stable government, which will continue the reform process. I have faith in the PM and the Government”, Ibraimovski told MIA.

Ibraimovski said he has left the ministerial post for an MP seat because Roma did not have a representative in Parliament.

“A Roma lawyer with large experience will be my replacement and I believe he will continue to implement the programme”, he added.

The Parliament will verify the resignations of MPs Vasko Kovacevski and Stevo Pendarovski on Friday.

Kovacevski is set to assume the director general post at Mining and Energy Combine Bitola (REK Bitola), while Pendarovski has been elected National NATO Coordinator.

Outgoing minister without portfolio Samka Ibraimovski and Dalibor Bogdanovski will replace them as MPs.