Friday, 22 June 2018 | News today: 18

Government-run measures boost job creation in Macedonia


As many as 43,000 jobs have been created so far in Macedonia through government employment measures and yet another 10,000 jobs are planned to be opened this year.

“The jobs opened thus far suggest we have done a positive achievement in reducing unemployment. Also, the planned 10,000 employments set to be realized by year’s end further suggest we are on the right track,” Minister of Labor and Social Policy Ibrahim Ibrahimi said Thursday after visiting the Skopje-based IT company Anhoch – a beneficiary of the government’s measures.

The government-run projects Employing Macedonia have also produced positive effects, according to him.

“Through Employing Macedonia 1 alone, 25,000 new employments have been created. So far, 6,600 jobs have been created through Employing Macedonia 2,” the Minister said and called on companies in Macedonia to apply for the benefits of the projects in an attempt to boost the employment rate in the country.

In the past 10 years, he added, over 150,000 jobs have been created. “This figure suggests the government has implemented sound policies designed to reduce the unemployment rate,” Ibrahimi told reporters.

One third of the staff in Anhoch, i.e. 38 people have been employed by the company using the benefits offered through the Employing Macedonia projects.

“The benefits offered by the government through these measures are in the interest not only of job-seeking people, but also of the companies that need new personnel,” said the company’s official Ivica Angeleski.