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Greece’s non-paper doesn’t correspond with name deal: government spokesman


The non-paper of the name agreement between the premiers of Macedonia and Greece leaked to the public in Greece is an interpretation and does not correspond with the original articles of the deal, according to government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski.

“The foundation of the agreement defines how Greece interprets the term Macedonia. They too have accepted how we, at home, interpret the term Macedonia. A clear distinction is made between what Macedonia means to them, which is acceptable for us, and what Macedonia means to us, and it is acceptable for them,” Bosnjakovski told a news conference.

We, he reiterated, have kept our the right to call ourselves Macedonians.

“The deal foresees translation of the name Република Северна Македонија (Republic of North Macedonia) in all languages. The document doesn’t envisage a Latin transcription of the name Republic of North Macedonia,” the spokesman said.

The agreement, he claimed, preserves the Macedonian identity and Macedonian language.

“No footnote will be used in the UN. The agreement has an article, which is a scientific fact, that Macedonian language belongs to the group of South Slavic languages,” Bosnjakovski stated.

According to him, state symbols have never been part of the negotiations.

“The anthem, flag and coats of arms remain the same,” the spokesman said adding the government would no longer comment informal documents.

As regards the renaming of state institutions, Bosnjakovski said the matter should be in line with ‘the spirit’ of the agreement.

The agreement will be implemented in stages in the next five years in parallel with the opening of EU accession chapters.

It is still unknown where and when the name agreement is going to be signed.