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Greece’s opposition New Democracy will not vote to ratify name agreement


Greece’s opposition New Democracy party will not vote for ratification of name agreement irrespective of what kind of majority will government form, MIA correspondent in Athens reports.

Commenting the statement of the leader of the junior partner in Greece’s coalition government for asking 180 lawmakers instead of a simple majority of 151 votes for name deal ratification, New Democracy party said “there are no words to describe Panos Kammenos,” who is “the epitome of political self-humiliation.”

The statement that the Prespa agreement should be ratified by 180 lawmakers, but also that he would vote against, will remain in history as the epitome of political self-humiliation. New Democracy will not ratify the agreement irrespective of what kind of majority Tsipras and Kammenos will form. Together they have signed and fully bear the responsibility for the finished things that have already been created in Greece, New Democracy party told, adding that it is necessary elections to be held as soon as possible.