Saturday, 20 October 2018 | News today: 6

Gruevski: 70,000 new jobs, unemployment to drop to 17%

The new program envisages many projects. Unemployment is foreseen to continue to fall from the current 24 percent to 17 -18 percent in 4 years and 70,000 new jobs will be created in Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE leader and list carrier in the fourth electoral district Nikola Gruevski said at Veles rally.

Pensions and public sector wages will increase by 10.25 percent, social assistance in a 4-year period will increase by 50 percent, and the minimum wage will reach MKD 14,000, in the area of leather and textile industry it will reach MKD 13.500 by 2020.

He also underlined that the ongoing construction of the three highways will be completed.

But it will begin the construction of 3 new highways in Macedonia- Gostivar -Kicevo, Skopje-Blace and Trebenishte- Struga, respectively. Our program also envisages fresh EUR 600 million for farmers, introduction of professional agricultural adviser, as well other projects that will be of assistance to agriculture, he said.

Modernization of secondary -vocational education, construction of 18 new and reconstruction of 140 schools, 78 new gyms are just some of the projects envisaged in the program “Realistic”  written in over 500 pages.