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Gruevski: 74 new schools have been built, 400 reconstructed

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Seventy-four new schools have been built in the country, and 400 have been reconstructed since 2006, when VMRO-DPMNE came to power. For this year, it is planned construction of four new and reconstruction of 26 schools. The investment is over 50 million.

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This was stated by VMRO-DPMNE leader, Nikola Gruevski during Tuesday’s visit to a new multipurpose playground near the regional primary school “Krume Kepeski” in the municipality of Kisela Voda.

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He added that this year it is planned construction of four new schools, i.e. primary schools “Vera Jocic” in Hipodrom, municipality of Gazi Baba, “Dimitar Makedonski” in Aerodrom municipality and extension of the “Cyril and Methodius” school in the village of Falishte, Tetovo. The fourth object is planned to be build in the settlement of Vizbegovo.

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Gruevski explained that the funds have been provided and the tender procedures of three of them have been completed and contracts have been signed. The construction should start in the coming days or weeks, and by one to two weeks the contract for the fourth school planned for this year is to be signed.

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In terms of the reconstruction of 26 schools, he indicated that the funds have been provided in the budget, the tender procedures for most of them have been completed, and construction works on some of them have already begun.


“What was planned in the program will be fulfilled,” said Gruevski.