Friday, 22 June 2018 | News today: 1

Gruevski: First 100 days of Zaev’s Government are a disaster, this nightmare can end on October 15th


VMRO-DPMNE President Nikola Gruevski said that the first 100 days of Zoran Zaev’s Government were a disaster, marked by blockades, economic downfall, illegal actions and an agony for the entire country. Gruevski called on all his supporters to vote for VMRO-DPMNE at the coming municipal elections in mid October, as a first step toward organizing early general elections.

“Nobody is surprised by the steep fall in popularity of the support for the Government and the huge wave of disappointment. They practice Government in the same way in which they won power. They achieved power through chaos, violating the law, with major manipulations and intrigues, and naturally, they continue to act in the same way now that they are in power. We never expected anything more or better from them, but now, those who maybe expected something better can also see what is happening to our country. Those who may have forgotten what happens when SDS is in power are now going through a crash course. It can get worse, unless we stop them. This nightmare can end on October 15th”, Gruevski said during his press conference.

The conservative party leader warned that under the Social-Democrats, higher taxes are coming as a blow to all companies and the economy in general. Gruevski blamed SDSM of blocking major infrastructure projects out of pure spite, and of causing the worst week in Macedonian healthcare, with a dozen of dead children, due to their political appointments in the key public hospitals.

“Unfortunately, the key mark of the first 100 days in power was the lack of care and indifference to problems. We saw them fail to tackle the problem of burning dump sites which were on fire for days in two cities. An overwhelming majority of the citizens disagrees with this. The people see and measure their response. And they will show them what they think about them”, Gruevski said.