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Gruevski for Serbian ‘Blic': Single spark could ignite entire Balkans

Nikola Gruevski, the president of VMRO-DPMNE, gave an interview for the Serbian newspaper Blic, Independent.mk has reported.


Under what conditions would you offer your support to Zoran Zaev to form a government?

Zoran Zaev will get our support only if he rejects the Tirana platform and publicly states that he will not complete any of its elements. He refused to do so. ”

What will happen to Macedonia if a government is formed led by Zaev and the Albanian coalition?

“Macedonia would become a binational state with two official languages. The other ethnic communities which are a treasure  in multinational Macedonia will be left behind. Slowly, the process of cantonization and federalization will commence, whereby the unitary character of the country will be destroyed. Albanian parties would also want to make Macedonian banknotes and uniforms of the military and police bilingual. Then, a debate will be opened regarding the changing of the national anthem, coat of arms and flag which would be inevitable. They call it a debate as they do not have a two-thirds majority to implement it. If they did have a majority, this would have been done a long time ago.”

Zoran Zaev says that the accusation of genocide conducted by Serbia was made up by VMRO-DPMNE. What do you make of it?

“Zaev has been constantly lying. We do not have to state anything. You can read the Tirana platform. The coalition partner of Zaev, Zijadin Sela, has stated this at the Parliament, and furthermore he has said that the genocide on the Albanians has continued up to the present day. Sela has denied the existence of the Macedonian identity and Macedonian people. When we said that Zaev was blackmailed and put into a position to destroy Macedonia, he claimed that this scenario exists solely in our heads. I believe that it is clear now that we were right.”

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Could Macedonia experience the Kosovo scenario? Do you think that that would be a step forward in the creation of Greater Albania?

“Albanians should demand their rights. If Zaev decides to back down, all Albanian parties should urgently unite and demand a referendum on independence. Albanians from OVK said that they would defend Ilirida at any cost. We say to them on this day-you are not alone, Albania supports you! We can defend the holy land of Ilirida. This country is Albanian. Albania of the four villaets, Albania with eight million Albanians. This a quote by the Albanian MP Mesila Doda, a coalition partner of Edi Rama, the creator of the Tirana platform. Do I need to comment on such a statement?”

Foreign media said that if a crisis was to occur between the Macedonians and Albanians, the entire Balkans could be affected in a negative manner?

“We have often seen a conflict spread from one place to another. The Balkans are a particular case. Here, many regional and global interests meet, and unfortunately, a single spark could ignite fire in neighboring countries as well. We can see that there are tensions across the region. It would be naive to exclude such a scenario, but we are not to allow for the situation to escalate?”

Some Macedonian media said that you blame George Soros for being the main supporter of Zaev?

“SDSM and the NGOs are under control of Soros, and they function with secret symbols. Soros has managed to buy the entire NGO sector in Macedonia in the past 20 years, and he made it available to SDSM’s needs. We can see that the heads of the NGOs have become MPs of SDSM, defending their party policies. These are false NGOs.”

What do you make of the support of Russia for your initiative for new elections to be held?

“Whether Russia supports our party or not, the best thing is to ask Russia itself. VMRO-DPMNE is a pro-west oriented party, and our main goal is for Macedonia to become a part of the EU and Nato. I don’t find it unexpected for Russia to have interests on the Balkans and in Macedonia. What I am most interested is the interests of Macedonia and its citizens.”

Do you think that Trump will alleviate the pressure of the US?

“I do not believe in foreign aid or meddling of foreign powers in the internal affairs of Macedonia. I think that the people themselves are mature enough to decide whether to accept the Tirana platform. Do they want for the country to be redefined? Should the winner-winner rule be respected? Should the position of speaker of parliament be placed on the market between parties and colaitions. We have offered a plan for the country to resolve this crisis. All I can say is that we have excellent relations with the new administration in Washington.”