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Gruevski: I decided to take my case to a higher level and will continue to work for the Macedonian cause


Former Macedonian Prime Minister and VMRO-DPMNE honorary President Nikola Gruevski today confirmed that Hungary approved his request for political asylum. In a message shared on his social media accounts, Gruevski says that he chose this step because he wanted to raise the issue of the political persecution in Macedonia to a higher level.

– Today Hungary, a NATO and EU member state, responded positively to my request for political asylum, which I submitted due to the political persecution I’m faced with in the Republic of Macedonia. In my request, I specified that the political persecution is being done by the new, SDSM party led Government. I detailed the way in which the Government wants to take away my liberty using non-democratic steps and measures, and abuses the Macedonian judiciary and prosecutor’s service in doing so. I explained the genesis of the case, ever since the publication of the unlawfully made audio materials, the appointment of the Special Prosecutor who quickly turned into a partisan tool of SDSM, which soon happened to the judiciary as well, and I described all the injustices, irregularities, unlawful actions, discrimination, manufactured court cases and verdicts against me, as well as the torture which I and many of my associates endured after the formation of the new Government. I provided concrete examples and evidence, up to and including death threats which I was faced with in the final days before leaving the Republic of Macedonia, Gruevski writes in his message.

Gruevski says that he has “pointed out and submitted specific examples which show that there are no conditions to have a fair and lawful judicial proceeding in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as about the climate of political witch-hunt on the part of the Government”.

– There was no other way to protect my life from the myriad of threats I received in this atmosphere, Gruevski adds.

– In Macedonia, I was faced with judges who awaited orders from the Government or the Special Prosecutor on how to respond to all requests submitted by me or my defense team. Judges themselves are afraid of the Special Prosecutor, and see him as an extension of the current Government. I specified the fundamental violations of law, including the use of unlawfully received audio materials – a clear violation of law – which the judge declared as admissible under outside pressure. The use of copies of these materials which were not compared to the originals as evidence, and the issuing of verdicts based on these copies. Using unlicensed forensic teams who unlawfully prepared reports. Open violations of laws on privacy and ignoring the judicial practice established by the Strasbourg Court, including in the rejection of the pardons given by the President of Macedonia in two specific cases which were in the meantime confirmed by the courts in an EU member state. The refusal by the courts to approve sufficient time for the defense to prepare. The deliberately hectic schedule of court hearings, which sometimes lasted an entire day, the opinion from the Macedonian Anti-Discrimination Commission which determined that I’m the victim of direct discrimination on the part of judge Dobrila Kacarska and the Basic Court One in Skopje. The publication of the verdict in the so-called “Tank” case by the current Prime Minister 10 days before it was delivered by the judge and a huge number of additional facts which I outlined into a huge report over 30 pages, Gruevski writes in his latest message.

– The courts and the judiciary have been transformed into an instrument of political blackmail and removal of political opponents, as well as to distract the public from the failings of the Government. Latest revenge detentions of Mile Janakieski and Kiril Bozinovski were obviously detained so that the Government can blunt the criticism following my decision to leave the country and to claim political asylum because of its persecution. The detentions are based on false, fabricated and non-existent evidence, and they only serve to confirm the overall state under which we live in in the Republic of Macedonia. Today, life in the Republic of Macedonia goes on under repression by the Government, discrimination, persecution, political arrests and total Government control of the judiciary and the prosecutors. People are sent to prison and released depending on the political circumstances and needs. Instead of advancing the judicial system, Macedonia has seen backsliding. The judges and prosecutors are used as political tools of the Government which wants to accomplish its political goals and blackmails. I decided to confront this and in this way to raise my case to a higher level, Nikola Gruevski writes in the message which we are publishing in full.
– People can like me, or not, they can agree with me or disagree, believe that my poilcies were right or wrong, but nobody can deny or remain blind to what is happening in Macedonia in this period which I’m describing. I decided not to make the SDSM wish come true. They wanted to have me imprisoned under a political order, fighting for survival in jail, in conditions where I’ve received reports of a credible plan to have me liquidated, at a time when they are plundering and selling the state and the national interests. I decided to continue the fight for the Macedonian cause, for the cause of the Republic fo Macedonia, in the only way I can at this moment. This is the same path which many other people have undertaken, throughout our history. As I said in my previous announcement, I have no intention to give up from that cause. I did not flee justice, I’m using other, internationally regulated means to continue to seek justice for me and for all the other victims of political persecution in Macedonia. Even though I was seeing how I’m unjustly accused and sentenced, with judges knowing the sentence before they’ve even heard the charges or seen the evidence, up to the final moment, I was awaiting justice. It lasted until I saw how the current Government has decided to unjustly imprison me, and then liquidate me, Gruevski writes.

– I publicly declared that I’m prepared to go to prison if Zaev gives up his policies which are disastrous for Macedonia and stops harassing other people. But, obviously he wants it all. He wants to complete the sellout of Macedonian national interests, to complete his capture of the state, to put to trial and imprison hundreds of my associates, and to imprison and liquidate me. I decided to stand up to this coward who shamelessly lies and steals from his people and abuses the state office which he took over dishonestly. Macedonia mustn’t become a country where the Government controls the judiciary and runs daily show trials. A huge number of people are under political persecution in Macedonia. This must stop. Macedonia should become a member state of NATO and EU, but the non-democratic Government of the day mustn’t be allowed to use this smoke-screen to remove its political opponents, to engineer political trials against them, to order jail terms all the while it continues to engage in crime, corruption and gives away the state and national interests, Gruevski concludes in his message.