Friday, 22 June 2018 | News today: 18

Gruevski: Our battle for Macedonia is just starting


Respected members and supporters, VMRO-DPMNE must improve and restructure. VMRO-DPMNE needs to define the goals of its future activities, to improve the relations with part of the international community towards common goals and interests, but also to establish an authentic policy towards minority communities, including Albanians to which we must present our beliefs about living together in the country, and to break stereotypes about the negative campaign against us in the Albanian media, which was deliberately orchestrated, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski in his address at the celebration of the party’s 27th birthday.

Those who think ill of Macedonia need a divided VMRO-DPMNE, shaken and they are stimulating that, we are aware of it. The maturity of the membership is the one which I have always believed in and I know that we will resist these pressures and new games. Our battle for Macedonia does not stop here. It is just starting. The state and our nation will yet needs us, since many perilous steps by SDSM are yet to follow, and we have to restructure in order to resist them with fresh energy, said Gruevski.

Here Nikola Gruevski does not matter, nor any individual from the leadership. I am prepared for anything, even for the most insidious attacks, false trials and accusations, daily fake news about me, literally for everything. I’m not afraid of it. But VMRO must not be afraid of the challenges to come, but to look them in the eye and play its historic role. We will take the following steps together. Publicly and transparently, I only ask you to believe in the correctness of our actions and decisions, which are not random. I closely follow the calls for Vietnamese scenarios, street fighting or forming Macedonian terrorist groups, or any other options or blocs with different strategic interests and the like. Those are affective messages that do not see the whole picture, due to the emotional charge of the injustice that is happening to us all, especially the state. But it is not the solution. It can only completely break up Macedonia. I will not allow such a thing. And if the price for it is my fate, then there is no problem, here it is, stressed Gruevski.

We stay together as one, united, we are VMRO – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity. Do not forget our ancestors, nor a better future for our descendants, for which we are committed to fight! Soon will come the day when VMRO will return and show maturity and responsibility, once again to lead Macedonia towards new successes and new adventures! Soon will come a time when people will proudly say – the only option for you and your families, for development and a better life is VMRO!  Happy birthday to our party and many more to come! The party in whose foundations every one of you is embedded and lives its fate as their own! This is the last bulwark, the last bulwark of Macedonia! Do not forget it!, said Gruevski.