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Gruevski: Our heroes should be celebrated, not humiliated for daily politics, VMRO-DPMNE will restore all monuments that will be demolished

In the third part of the interview with VMRO-DPMNE president, Nikola Gruevski, you can read about the demolition of the monuments, the role of Andon Koseto, as well as SDSM's idea to reduce the size of the Mother Teresa monument. In this part he also discusses the call for early parliamentary elections and the trials that await him. Read about this and much more in the third part of the interview with Republika...

Demolition or relocation of monuments, closure of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, renaming of airports and similar steps were recently announced. What is your comment on that?

GRUEVSKI: Losing a lot of time, energy and money. Plus a new and enormous amount of conflict in society. They think they will gain political points, but they are not aware how much they will lose.

They should know that everything that they will destroy, relocate, close or rename, VMRO-DPMNE will restore it to its original state after returning to power. They will only spend the money of the people in order to gain short-term political points among their most crazed voters and to demonstrate power. And they will incite new hatred, conflict and division.

Can you imagine a monument removed and never returned? What would it look like if VMRO-DPMNE returned to power, and didn’t correct that injustice done on a whim, or just to please a neighboring state. Not because of any defiance or so, but because of our history, statehood, because of the huge number of patriots in Macedonia who love their country and respect its history and the victims for today’s freedom. Simply, the return of the monuments will be a legacy to VMRO-DPMNE. To everyone in VMRO-DPMNE. A dept to our ancestors, but also an answer to everyone who believes that once and for all it can break the backbone of the Macedonians.

There is one good thing in all this crazy atmosphere. These monuments, museums, airports, etc. which will be demolished, relocated, closed, renamed, will get their own glorious history. You know, when there are monument, which are later destroyed, that in itself is a history and a story that gives the monuments epic dimensions for the future. It makes them much more glorious and more important than they actually are. And they are all glorious.

And once they are returned, people will remember them and talk about those monuments and their history in the next 100 years. They will gain in meaning, weight, importance. Monuments with their own history, not only the monument created to commemorate a certain person, but also the object that was ruined, returned …. Placed, displaced, why, how, who, when … whole history. Unnecessary in terms of the steps of this puppet government, but necessary and inevitable.

Eventually, when the relocated monuments are returned from other cities, only if the residents of those cities and municipalities want, a copy can be made for them, and the original to return to Skopje at the same place. Because these are historical characters who deserve to be in the center of the Macedonian metropolis, so that everyone, both us and the tourists, can see.

Remember one thing: as long as a country is celebrating the heroes, new heroes will be born. And vice versa.

Do you agree with the idea the Mother Teresa monument to be reduced and simplified due to the modesty of her personality, as explained by SDSM?

GRUEVSKI: Mother Teresa is the most famous person in the world born in our capital and in the territory of our country. And it’s not a celebrity by chance. She is already a saint. She is only a person who unites. An Albanian, Skopje citizen, Christian, endlessly humane, Nobel Prize winner, a saint.

It is true that she was extremely modest, but her work for mankind, the lives she saved, the children, the sick people she looked after, the sacrifice of her own youth and life to help the poor and the sick, the ones that everyone run away from, the messages she sent, … all that, it is not modest at all. Her work is not modest. And the monumental not only celebrates her personality, but also her work above all. This work is so great and grandiose that this character should be celebrated, cherished and recounted, for the life of St. Mother Theresa to become an example for all future generations, so that more people adopt at least a fraction of her grandeur in their behavior. So that more people become better persons.

By the way, monuments of 4 or 5 meters are not something megalomaniac. Most of the monuments throughout Skopje are that size.

To look at her and to ask about her. To hear about her work, to notice her easily, not bypass her. To stand before all of us and remind us. That is why I believe that the one-time expense for that monumental composition is nothing compared to the effects that will have for hundreds of years due to the inevitable reminder of her, her work, her life, dedication, humanity, faith, love, unconditional help and self-sacrifice on a global scale.

And when I talk about investment as an investment, it will return itself from its impact on tourism, because Mother Teresa is not only known in the Balkans and India, although it is less important. Mother Teresa is a symbol of all that I have spoken about among millions of Americans, millions of Europeans, Asians and Africans, Australians. She is respected, not just by Christians, but by all religions, including Muslims, Buddhists, and all others, because she helped all people of all religions and she didn’t divide them or select them.

And in all religions, her values that she showed in action are on the verge of values in all religions. And we, imagine, are thinking of destroying and cutting down the almost finished monumental composition. A debate that has no logic. There is no logic from legal point of view too. The agreement was signed on the basis of an open tender.

As far as I know all the figures have been completed by the sculptor and are in the final stage of marble processing.

Well, look, almost everyone who comes from outside is amazed by the look of the Skopje center, and SDSM is debating its demolition because of pure political party motives. Ordinary tourists cannot understand it. They look indignantly when they are told that a new government has come to power that wants to destroy and relocate part of the created.

There has been a similar announcement about the monument of Andon Janev Koseto …

GRUEVSKI: Yes, with a frivolous argument that he was a murderer. Andon Janev Koseto was a revolutionary and a warlord, he was previously the most trusted man of Goce Delchev, Dame Gruev, and others. Hristo Tatarchev. All of them, all the warlords, freedom fighters, and their leaders led a revolutionary, not a literary struggle, because freedom could not be obtained without a revolutionary struggle. Revolutionary struggle requires sacrifices, human losses, liquidations, and so was during the time of the VMRO and the NLW.

Imagine now someone saying that Naum Naumovski-Borche was a murderer. Or any other partisan who fought for the liberation of Macedonia after a revolutionary struggle. Or all the characters on the ASNOM monument. Absurd. If Koseto was a murderer then what were Goce and Dame? Commanders and orderers of the killer? Everyone fought for the freedom of Macedonia after a revolutionary way with a qama and a revolver and an oath before the Bible. The organization was political, the goal was freedom and independence, the struggle was revolutionary..

It should be celebrated and not humiliated for daily politics. They all risked, and some of them were killed for the freedom of Macedonia and our freedom today. In what revolutionary struggle for freedom there were no killings and bloodshed? In the Serbian? In the Greek, Bulgarian, Albanian, Russian when they came to Moscow and Leningrad? Poland? France when it was conquered by the fascists? In which? There is no such. No one’s freedom and state were bestowed without a fight and lost lives.

I would say something to SDSM and Zaev: what about building something first before you start destroying? !!!

It has been said that there was a ready elaborate about the Warrior on a Horse…

GRUEVSKI: Yes. There is no elaborate about a new factory that would employ 2,000 people without a job or at least 500 unemployed. There is no elaborate that doctors will receive salary of 100 thousand denars as promised in the elections a year ago. There is no elaborate about the average salary of 500 euros, or about higher pensions or subsidies, but there is already an elaborate for demolition of monuments.

It will not be long before they receive an elaborate from the people and then they will not know where to turn. Everything will return to its place.

Let’s go back to the elections. You called for early elections? How do you think you can win them given that recently you lost the local elections, regardless of how well they were organized or not?

GRUEVSKI: We called for early elections, but with the minimum conditions as SDSM had in December, which we said in the seven points. Many of these conditions have already been made into the laws, after Przino, but only apply to parliamentary elections, not to local or presidential elections.

Under such conditions, I am sure we will win.


Many trials are awaiting you. How will you deal with that?

GRUEVSKI: The charges are mostly fabricated. The processes are political. If they were not political, they would be immediately dismissed by the court and there would be no processes. In fact, there was not even a chance to come to court if it wasn’t for this big political game. Under the pressure of the puppet government, the court accepted the created materials, called recordings, to become evidence. Although the judges themselves know that this is contrary to the law in Macedonia, and almost everywhere in the world, they have succumbed to the pressures. This violates the legal system in Macedonia. Now any illegal recording or the like can be some kind of evidence, which is absurd in every legal system, and from that, problems are yet to arise in the future. No reforms in the justice system will improve the situation while judges decide against the law for external pressure. They, the judges, openly say in their surroundings that they are aware that the decision is illegal, but that they made such a decision under pressure, afraid that they would be dismissed, lynched by the pro-government media and paid experts and analysts, and perhaps take them in the dock. That is the real atmosphere in the Macedonian judiciary.

End of the third part of Republika’s mega interview with VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski