Saturday, 20 October 2018 | News today: 6

Gruevski sends message to candidates for VMRO-DPMNE president


VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski sent a message to the candidates for the party’s future president, their associates and delegates to the Congress where they will elect the next party leader.

“Three days have passed since the decision to hold an extraordinary Congress of VMRO-DPMNE. The collection of signatures for support and the intraparty campaign has started.

I feel the need to send several messages to the candidates and potential candidates for the party leader, their associates in their intraparty campaign, to Congress delegates and to party bodies and members.

1. All candidates and their associates, as well as all delegates and municipal and local committees, have serious responsibility to hold the process of nominating and electing a new president in a peaceful, fair and democratic intraparty atmosphere and competition.

2. If a potential candidate asks the President of a Municipal Committee (MC) to convene a MC meeting in an expanded composition and invite delegates from his municipality, in order for the candidate to present himself, his vision and program to those present, he should immediately do it without delay and without selectivity, and besides others, to invite Congress delegates, who are obliged to attend such a meeting.

Each candidate should have equal chances of representing himself before the committees and delegates where he will seek a meeting. If a meeting is to be sought with the local committees (LC), it should also be enabled quickly, to any potential candidate who collects or has collected signatures from the delegates. All members of the MC in an extended composition or LC should be invited to attend, if so requested by the candidate.

If any candidate has a problem in this regard, it is necessary to immediately inform the party’s legal commission, and if necessary, it can also inform me in order to support the speedy elimination of any obstacle of this type.

3. Candidates must not be divided according to their current status and function in the party. Each member of the party entering the election race should receive the same treatment, fair, equal chances of representation and maximum openness by each delegate, the MC or the LC in the context of his presentation. There should not be any privilege for those who at the moment hold higher party functions, compared to those who are not.

If any candidate has any objections in this regard, it is necessary to immediately inform the party’s legal commission, and if necessary, it can also inform me in order to support the speedy elimination of any obstacle of this type.

4. Those candidates who currently hold higher party functions must not abuse the party infrastructure, logistics, officials are hierarchically subordinated to them and may not use the current party function in the context of the current intraparty campaign and presentation, collecting signatures and any other activity that is for the purpose of their personal campaign for party president.

5. I urge the candidates for president of the party in the process of collecting signatures not to use any forms of pressure, intimidation, threats, blackmail, fraud, extortion or any other dishonest and irregular form and manner in collecting signatures. If during these three days, one of the delegates in such circumstances signed up for someone’s candidacy, I inform him that he should inform the party’s legal commission in writing and may in writing write down his signature for some of the candidates. If he finds it necessary, he can inform me personally in order to influence the prompt tackling of the issue in the intraparty bodies.

6. I particularly want to emphasize that if anyone abuses my name as a longtime president of the party, in the context of collecting signatures for support and in the context of voting, it should be known that it is a false representation and information, and if it is crucial when making a decision for the support, they should refuse to provide support or vote. I have not authorized any of the candidates to refer to my allegedly explicit support for collecting signatures for support or voting. Not one of my associates, friends, relatives, colleagues or any other party member.

7. In the process of campaigning, collecting signatures and representation, again I urge the candidates, but also the persons they have authorized and engaged in fieldwork or any other activities in their campaign to be careful and care about the reputation, dignity and honor of the contenders. Not to use insulting, defamatory, underestimating, untruthful, compromising, or other words that will devalue the opponent or potential opponent. Let’s not forget the dignity of the competitor, the unity in the party, the friendship, and that we all fight for the same cause, we have the same ideology, and a common political opponent. Let’s not forget that 10 days after the Congress and the election of a new president will end, we will have to look into each other’s eyes, and each one in one way or another will be needed in the further political struggle against SDSM, and in the goal for more advanced, more stable and more prosperous Macedonia.

8. The candidates must not forget at any moment that they are candidates for president of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity (VMRO-DPMNE). It is a great honor, but also a great responsibility. Everyone should be at the level that all members expect from him and should not disrupt the reputation of the party and other candidates, to act according to the rules of fair play and in accordance with the basic moral principles. The one who acts contrary to these recommendations now at this stage will harm the reputation of the party and the competitors in the party, is not worthy of being the president of VMRO-DPMNE and delegates should take this into account,” Gruevski concludes.