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Gruevski: We move forward with new plan to win next parliamentary elections and form government

We are moving forward with a new plan to win the next parliamentary elections and form a government, announced the president of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, who addressed the 26th Annual Conference of the UMS.

In the meantime, if they continue this way, then I will tell them that regardless if Gruevski is alive or not, politically active or not, they will be swallowed by their own methods that are currently usurping and preventing the purpose of their orderers. They opened a spiral of anger and frustration, based on enormous hatred that divides the people, and instead of working to bring people closer, to reconcile them, they continue with methods of chasing, threats, lawsuits, charges, abolition of media and the like.

I hear, Gruevski added, that they were planing various games for the lmunicipal elections, that they wanted with the help of the police and structures that helped them in the parliamentary elections, including in the Albanian areas, again to do the same dishonest tricks and operations, both in Skopje and in several other municipalities.

I want to tell them not to play with the patience and will of the people, and that if they try, they will be punished, and they will lose again from VMRO-DPMNE as a party, that is, they will have a far smaller total number of votes. It will be important to enter into a political process that will lead to new parliamentary elections, and after our victory in those elections, we have a plan for forming a government, which will certainly include Albanian citizens through their parties, and which together with their own forces and with the support of partners from the international community, will solve the problems of Macedonia, stressed Gruevski.