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Gruevski: With joint efforts we created 172,000 new jobs

Tonight we gathered here at the ancient theater in Ohrid to mark the 26th anniversary of the largest and strongest youth organization in Macedonia, the Youth Force Union of VMRO-DPMNE (UMS). Let us congratulate the anniversary, let the years and successes be multiplied, VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski said in his speech at the celebration of the anniversary of UMS.

According to him, the UMS had many successes over the past 26 years, and today. He said it was and has remained one of the key pillars of VMRO-DPMNE, and through the party, through the years and in the country, in our country Republic of Macedonia.

“Always active, always brave, always ready, UMS over the years only confirmed that both VMRO-DPMNE and Macedonia have a future, have power, energy, have the potential and people on whom in the future this country and this people can be lean. And so it was. Dozens and hundreds of members of the UMS took on high responsibilities, from ministers, deputy ministers and directors, to creators of ideas, implementers of those ideas, creators of solutions to many problems of the young, but much more than that, thousands of young people, whenever VMRO -DPMNE led Macedonia, they proved that we can, and that we want and know how. They showed that with efforts, work and results. This is how Macedonia is loved. With tireless work, side by side with the elderly, we made Macedonia the fifth best country in Europe and the tenth in the world according to the conditions for doing business, which has helped us to attract many domestic and foreign investors to invest their money here with us in Macedonia, and create new jobs for thousands of young people who, if they did not have another alternative, if SDSM remained in power with its previous policies that deter investors, they would have to leave Macedonia. In extremely difficult circumstances, economic and political crises, we managed together with you, to work together to create more than 172 thousand jobs, and to keep as many people and their families in Macedonia as possible and make them happier and with perspective,” Gruevski said .