Friday, 21 September 2018 | News today: 18

Gruevski: Zaev is not concerned about the development and progress of the municipalities, he has no vision, capacity and ability

At the rally of the Coalition “For Better Macedonia” in Strumica,  VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski said that only a few days remain and the moment of decision making which route Macedonia will take.

“Remember that only the citizens of Macedonia, you decide on the common future, the future of our cities and villages and the future of our country. We get our power and strength from Macedonia and the people of this country. Our strength stems from our love for our people and our love for our country. We love our country, with all our people, all cities, all joy, enthusiasm and excitement. Our love is shared with our people. Our love is shared with our country. We are a party of the citizens of Macedonia and we are a guarantee for a strong Macedonia,” Gruevski said.

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE stressed that in the past five months the government run the catastrophic economic policy.

“We have halved capital investment from the budget that affects the decline of the economy. Downstream industry, sinking construction. Foreign investors who plan to leave, and there will not be new ones. Declining export, foreign reserves that melt every day. Average salaries that instead of growing are declining. Pensions whose increase has been abolished. This is the image of today. Poverty that is growing, and citizens lose security. Affairs that occur on a daily basis. Tenders that are given to people in power. They promise air and life, but so abstract, imaginary. The car went down. This touches and affects all citizens. This refers to the fate of each of you. It about our country,” Gruevski said.

He urged citizens, those who vote for SDSM to join VMRO-DPMNE’s efforts to unite for a stronger Macedonia.

“The person who leads SDSM is not worth it, you deserve better. You deserve better. Because this man is not concerned about reducing unemployment, he is not concerned about the development and progress of our cities and municipalities, for securing the happiness and tranquility of your families. See that he is not worried about farmers, workers, the unemployed, they are missing out on his agenda. He has no love for the flag and the country. This is primarily due to his only agenda: Gruevski. He speaks about me 24 hours a day. Why? Because he knows very well that he has no capacity and ability to take responsibility for what he needs to do and upgrade what we have done so far. He does not have the courage to realize all the solutions and projects that we imagine for our country. He cannot realize the vision and dreams that we are preparing for Macedonia at all,” Gruevski said.

He noted that Zoran Zaev’s capacity and his vision are not enough to do what VMRO-DPMNE can do.