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UK’s FCO Transparency Head Stewart: Data is the new gold

It is great that you have such a high level of digital literacy, it is great that children learn how to use computers at school and that level of digital literacy shall facilitate your progress towards transparency, Ms. Eleanor Stewart, Head of Transparency within United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, told ‘Republika‘.

Ms. Stewart took part in the First National ‘Open Government Partnership’ (OGP) Forum, held in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, upon invitation of the Center for Research and Policy Making (CPRM).

Ms. Stewart, what are your first impressions of Macedonia and what is the purpose of your visit?

ELEANOR STEWART: Well, thank you for inviting me to Macedonia. I have been here less than 24 hours and I think it is a fabulous country so far. The purpose of my visit is that the UK, having chaired the Open Government Partnership, is very committed to its objectives, which are about citizens and government working together to be more open and collaborate to the benefit of everybody. And I think some of that is due to using new technologies and re-contributing to traditional technologies. And I think the UK has been seen to lead the field, according to a recent survey in this area, so we have a lot of expertise I would like to share. But I think, at the same time, we recognize it is a journey we are on and we want to learn from other people’s experiences. I think it’s always useful to get new ideas. So, I think the purposes are to share experiences and to learn about what is going on in Macedonia and to support the objectives of OGP in Macedonia. I am very pleased to be at the First National Forum.