Friday, 20 July 2018 | News today: 0

Health Ministry replaces four public institution directors, dozen of economic directors


The Health Ministry informed that it has replaced four additional managers of public healthcare institutions, as well as a dozen of economic directors.

“We stand behind the appointments and we believe that with these individuals, we will be able to implement our vision for a better healthcare for all citizens of Macedonia. We will regularly follow the work of the acting directors and we will react if they fail to meet the expected results”, said the Health Ministry.

Newly appointed Minister Arben Taravari replaced the directors of the Gerontology Institute with Salija Latif. Angelco Andonovski is the new director of the Kozle children’s hospital for pulmonary diseases and Filip Gucev heads the University Rheumatology Clinic. Qamil Kovaci is the new head of the Bardovci Psychiatric Hospital. Economic directors, who are charged with managing the financial operations of the healthcare organizations, were replaced in the Tetovo and Stip general purpose hospitals, and in the Skopje clinics for oncology, cardiology, cardio-surgery, plastic surgery, digestive surgery…