Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

How much longer against national interests?


Columnist: Nenad Mircevski

Speculations on new Nimetz’s name proposal, which defines language and identity, is more than just journalist fabrication due to author’s naivety to be  tricked by their source.

On the contrary – the “brains” which fabricated and published the information clearly intended to provoke another auction of the name. Those same people are aware that even if this premature informing on details of the talks held under the auspice of UN was true, which is not because it was denied directly from New York, harm the process because they are beneficial for Greek interests, which wish for the new proposal of the envoy to sink before it reaches the table. Nobody knows what Nimetz is preparing, but it is overly naive to believe that the envoy, who is well familiar with both parties, would come up with a proposal with zero chances of acceptance. Furthermore, two decades of experience in the talks has shown that such situations are the reason for failure of a couple of proposals which were positive starting point for Macedonia.

This is neither the first, nor the last time for the opposition and its megaphones to act in favor of foreign interests in sensitive moments, which is harmful to the state. The scenario is too well-known for one to be deceived by it again.

A reminder – last week Greek media, referring to “diplomatic sources”, have announced that Nimetz is preparing a new proposal, which he would submit by the end of October. At the same time, those same media do not miss to repeat on multiple occasions the firm Greek position and to also emphasize that Athens has done everything in its power and it now expects for the other party to reciprocate. A week later, Macedonian opposition-oriented media, which are renowned masters of bad projections and shallow analysis, reveal “exclusive” details on the new proposal and serve them to the public.

In meanwhile, they present themselves as victims of the “regime” and – as numerous times before – they become part of the Greek propagandist machinery and directly obstruct the process in favor of the southern neighbor. The process is like déjà vu, the result is familiar – Greece can benefit from it the most, while skillfully transferring the pressure to Macedonian side, presenting it as nonconstructive and unprepared for compromise. Although expectations for possible shifts of positions in the next round of talks are almost equal to zero, it would be useful to use the situation for national unifying which would contribute to reinforcement of Macedonian party’s positions, instead of auctioning new names of the country.