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How was the Ministry of Interior devaluated: The scandals of Oliver Spasovski

The public witnesses daily scandals related to the Ministry of Interior and Minister Oliver Spasovski. The state of security in the state is evidently worsening, the crime rate is rising, the uncleared cases are filling the drawers of the inspectors. We hear and read about murders, kidnappings, thefts, and banks with vacant safes almost every day in the crime news. The police bulletins have never given such a dark security picture for Macedonia as now.

How was MoI devaluated

Spasovski started his career by creating chaos in the ministry and complete non-professionalism. He entered the Ministry of Interior as a temporary minister in November 2015 to May 2016, and then from September 2016 to the end of December 2016. This was part of the Przino Agreement.

On May 31, last year he was elected interior minister. The first decision of the then new interior minister was to revoke all the authority of senior officials in the Ministry of Interior, and thus Spasovski brought into question the functions of the state.


Professionalism is the highest value that an employee of the Ministry of Interior can have. With party cleansing carried out by Minister Spasovski, the level of professionalism in the ministry received a critical blow precisely because of the partisation of the ministry service. Spasovski brought the employees, colleagues in the Ministry of Interior in a situation so they cannot look in their eyes because of their party determination.

The chaos created by Oliver Spasovski led to a fight between colleagues at the Ministry of Interior who decided to clear the accounts with firearms before the New Year’s celebration. This event was concealed in public but confirmed by sources in the Ministry. With the shift of long-term chiefs, senior officials with way more professional staff he has reduced the degree of the police readiness to cope with the challenges.

Scandals related to the Ministry of Interior

The first major incident involving members of the Ministry of Interior was last August when a policeman fired at two young children in Strumica. At that time, the Ministry of Interior concluded that the policeman in Strumica had used firearms unreasonably, unjustifiably and improperly. Despite the conclusion of the Internal Control Department in the Ministry of Interior, there is no accountability for the eve, in this case, in this case, protected the police officer who almost took the lives of two minors, but did not protect a police officer who was performing her official duty.

Police officer Jasmina Janachkovska was prevented from performing her duty and was physically attacked by a senior official from DUI, Bekir Asani. Asani physically attacked the police officer who wanted to remove his improperly parked vehicle with a towing vehicle. That’s why she was transferred to the clinic. The next day she was summoned to a meeting with Minister Spasovski after which she changed the statement and said that she was only verbally attacked by Asani, and that she had accidentally hit herself in the towing vehicle. There is a video footage of the event, but for unknown reasons, it has not been published in public.

The last scandal involving Spasovski and the Interior Ministry is related to abuse of office by a close associate of Spasovski who was caught in the act of receiving a bribe. He is a senior official in the Ministry of Interior and an adviser of Spasov, a party personnel personally elected by the Minister himself.

Pre-election cooperation with criminal structures

The level of cooperation between the criminal underground and the management structures in the Ministry of Interior is frightening. In the pre-election campaign during the local and early parliamentary elections, VMRO-DPMNE continuously warned about SDSM’s coalition with the criminal structures in the country.

Let’s remind ourselves of one of Zoran Zaev’s closest associates, Zekir Bekiri known as Chaush, a man with a heavy criminal record, and the last verdict is precisely for forging documents before the parliamentary elections on December 11th. This is not an isolated case, Zaev also was photographed with people from the underground connected with illegal drug trafficking, or the brother of the head of the municipal organization of SDSM in Aracinovo.

Namely, at the press conference of VMRO-DPMNE, Harun Hadzibulic and Daniel and Dejan Trajkovski, known as the twins from Gjorche, were all identified from the criminal underworld cooperating with SDSM.

The price for paying the debts of SDSM to the underground was quickly paid by the citizens with a large number of unsolved crimes by the Ministry of Interior. The amnesty of about two thousand convicts quickly arrived, including many of them accused of serious crimes and many of whom, unfortunately, repeated their crimes in the first week after being released.

Uncleared murders

In the past nine months since SDSM came into power, a series of uncleared murders in Macedonia took place. That is, more than seven confirmed murders occurred in this period. It all started in Struga where Dilaver Bojku was killed on the beach Aqua Blue in broad daylight. Police then said they were searching for the perpetrators, and seven months have passed since then.

After this event, the murder of young footballer Martin Janushev happened, a case for which the police allegedly knew the perpetrators, but they are not behind bars yet.

There was also a murder at a bus stop in Chair in front of a high school where a 24-year-old boy died. The boy was killed with an automatic firearm, and even then the Ministry of Internal Affairs only reported that they are on the field and work on clearing the case.

А fish rots from the head down

А fish rots from the head down, and all the problems in the Ministry of Internal Affairs are caused precisely by Spasovski and his policy of appointing party staff, and not professionals in senior positions at the ministry. The ministry is nearing complete collapse, and the safety of citizens is significantly reduced. The public is speculating about the resignation of Interior Minister Spasovski, which will be either a result of poor results or an internal party struggle.