Friday, 21 September 2018 | News today: 12

Husband suspected in stabbing death of mother of three

Gostivar police said that it is charging B.G. (38) from the Skopje neighborhood of Shuto Orizari, in the murder of his wife Senada R.

The 27 year old Senada was found dead in Gostivar on Sunday morning. According to the police, all evidence indicates that her husband killed her with a knife, stabbing her in the chest, stomach and the hands. B.G. fled the scene and was detained in Skopje on Sunday afternoon.

Public Prosecutors ordered an autopsy to be performed on the body, and it is expected that he will issue a request for detention for the suspect. Police says that the couple had been arguing for a while, and eventually Senada moved from Gostivar to Skopje with her three children.