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Igor Isakovski, one of Macedonia’s most eminent poets, dies at the age of 44



The poet and founder of cultural institution “Blesok” Igor Isakovski died Monday at the age of 44.

Igor Isakovski is poet, prose writer, translator, and editor. Born 19.09.1970, in Skopje, Macedonia. BA in World and Comparative Literature, Sts. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia. MA in Gender and Culture, CEU, Budapest, Hungary. Currently on doctoral studies at the Sts. Cyril and Methodius University. He is founder and director of the Cultural Institution “Blesok” where he works as editor-­in-­chief since 1998.

He published books: Black Sun (1992, poetry), Explosions, Pregnant Moon, Eruptions… (1993, short stories), Vulcan – Earth – (1995, poetry), – Sky (1996, 2000, poetry), Engravings, Blues Phone Booth (2001, prose etchings), Sandglass (2002, short stories), Way Down in the Hole (poetry, 2004), Swimming in the Dust (2005, 2010, novel, award Prose Masters 2005), Blues Phone Booth II (2006, prose etchings, awarded 2007 annual prize for best visual-­graphic design of a printed book), Interning for a Saint (poetry, 2008), The Night Is Darkest Before the Dawn (poetry, 2009, unique award winner of the 4th Belgrade Poetry and Book Festival in 2010), Vulcan – Earth – Sky (poetry, 2010), Love (poetry, 2011), Death Has Seaweed Hair (poetry, 2013).

His poetry and prose works have been translated into sixteen languages and published in about twenty countries. Translates poetry, prose, and essays, from and into Macedonian, English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, and from Slovenian into Macedonian. Into his Macedonian translations, there are more than 60 published books. Isakovski has edited four anthologies (the latest is the bilingual Six Macedonian Poets, published by ARC publications, UK, 2011) and two CD­ROMs. He was included in a vast number of selections and anthologies in Macedonia and abroad.

The funeral of Igor Isakovski will be held Wednesday at Butel cemetery in Skopje.