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Igor Ivanov Izi’s silent short The Lover about to come out of post-production


The Lover, Macedonian director Igor Ivanov Izi’s short that was shot in the style of old silent movies, is in the final stages of post-production, according to Skopje Film Studio’s official press release.

The production company says the movie was filmed two months ago on location in Skopje’s Karposh 2 neighborhood, where the moviemakers created an ‘authentic ambiance to work on a silent movie in the style of the films of the 1930s.’

“This atypical film adventure,” according to Skopje Film Studio’s release, “aims to recall the aesthetics of the silent screen and the greatness of moving pictures regardless of sound.”

The short was shot in 18 frames per second to let audiences experience the silent movie ‘as a still fresh film form.’

The cast consists of Igor Angelov, Natalija Teodosieva, and Sasho Petrovski. The director of photography is Dragan Salkovski, who worked with cinematographers Dejan Dimeski and Tomi Salkovski.

Emilija Atanasovska designed the costumes, Vladimir Pavlovski edited the film, and Tomi Salkovski produced it for Skopje Film Studio.

The Lover was funded by the Macedonian Film Agency.