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Igor Kirov: My career has always been number one in my life!

The repertoire of the Split Ballet will remain classic, I will never change it into contemporary, I do not want to change it, nor it is my objective, but we will follow the trends in Western Europe, says Kirov

Croatian media have reported that Macedonian Igor Kirov has taken the place of Dinko Bogdanic, Ballet Director in the Croatian National Theatre in Split. Kirov has stated for the local media that there were no words that could describe the joy, satisfaction and happiness over the Spilt ensemble. We met with Igor during his stay in Skopje, a few days before he was heading to Belgrade and later to Split, so we talked about his new post, plans, tours, career …


You have been appointed director of the Split Ballet. How did you receive this information? And what this post means for you?

Kirov: Every one of us as a man and as an artist has dreams. I wanted to be a ballet dancer, to succeed in what I do and I have managed to get to a certain level, to make a career of 18 years, but as I was building my career as a dancer I knew I had the potential and I was also doing choreography at the same time. So while one career was going upwards, the other was descending. In the meantime, I began to deal with pedagogical work, so I built a career that carried me from one level to another and eventually I became director of the Split Ballet. It’s nice when everything in professional life comes slowly, step by step, not all at once jumping three steps up. I am glad for all that I have done so far, starting with the first steps in the Pioneer Center in Stip, until today, I have done everything with a great passion towards work.

This post is a great recognition for me because I think that I have worked hard with great love and desire, and therefore I think that success is inevitable. I hope to be a good director, because the rule that if you are a good dancer or a choreographer, you will also be a good director does not always apply. I believe that my 20 years of experience as a choreographer, working with many directors and choreographers will help me work as I want. Because this is more of a managerial work, which deals with how to place the season, how to organize tours, visiting performances, bring new teachers etc. I believe that my 20 years of experience and working with “Balkan Dance Project” and “Kirov Dance Company,” with which we have managed to be guests in Panama, Korea, Germany, as well as the people around the world with whom I collaborate will help me further raise the level of the Split Ballet.


You have been working with the Split Ballet ensemble for some time. You know the dancers, their talents, opportunities … As head of this house, what kind of program do you have in mind? Will there be any novelties in the repertoire?

Kirov: HNK Split is a national house and will remain so in terms of the program. Each such house plays classics and classics will remain number one, but if we follow the trends in Western Europe we will notice that the national houses do not play only classics because you know what to expect in “Swan Lake”, in “Giselle” or in “Romeo and Juliet, but when it comes to contemporary, then you do not know what to expect in advance.

If the audience wants to see something else, to discover a new sphere of existence, of imagination, that is another thing, so the repertoire will certainly be divided in half. My play “5 to 12″, which has managed to fill the halls for twenty times, seventeen performances in the Ballet building and three visiting performances abroad, has shown that.
The repertoire of the Split Ballet will remain classic, I will never change it into contemporary, I do not want to change it, nor it is my objective, but we will follow the trends in Western Europe.

My first ballet performance as a director will be “La Sylphide”, whose premiere is scheduled for March and for closing of the season I’m planning a “triple program,” called “East – West” because a choreographer from Eastern Europe and a choreographer from Western Europe and me are participating, so in this way I want to show how things are done in the West, involving three different styles of dance, which is a challenge for the dancers, and the audience can choose and learn something in that way.

In recent years you have worked in Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria … the Macedonian audience was able to see your plays “5 to 12″ and “The Red Room”at the Ohrid Summer Festival and at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet… Will we be able to see any of your choreography soon? Or maybe a guest performance of the Split ensemble?

Kirov: I personally would like to come to Skopje. Now I’m still in negotiations, I will not disclose details, but I would like to come to Skopje and to Stip. Especially after I learned that Stip and Split are twin towns, and I come from Stip, and now even more I would like to give the audience something new and I would be happy if we can be guests in Veles, Bitola and other towns because I think that the audience should see something different. If I come with HNK Split to Macedonia, my wish is to make guest performances in Skopje and in the other cities as well.


You have mostly worked as a dancer, then choreographer, professor and now director of the Split Ballet. Where do you feel like home?

Kirov: Nowhere. My career has always been number one in life. Ever since I started working my priority was my career and I think it will remain so for now. Now I’m in Split, and since I got into town and breathed the smell of the sea I was surrounded by some kind of tranquility, beauty … and nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach. I think it will be nice to live there and that I will feel like home, though my home will always be Stip.

By: Nevena Popovska
Photo credit: Aleksandar Ivanovski