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In Cyprus, cats outnumber people by two to one


The cat population in Cyprus has reached a staggering 1.5 million animals, which is double that of people on the island. Animal protection welfare groups say that years of chronic underfunding of spaying and neutering programmes are to blame.

Cat shelters are overwhelmed, and every town has its ‘cat ladies’ who feed the local cat population and often pay for vet bills out of their own pockets, according to the Cyprus Mail Online. Some public areas even have ‘cat stations’ established by animal lovers where the public can come and put out food.

A one-off grant of €75,000 for additional financial assistance towards the stray animal neutering scheme, recently approved by the Cyprus government, will do little to slow the rate of population growth, animal groups say.

The Animal Party said the grant was a good start but warned that for the money to be spent “properly and effectively”, a permanent state spaying and neutering programme should be in place to solve the “serious problem of the increase of the populations of abandoned dogs and cats”.