Monday, 22 October 2018 | News today: 3

Instead of staying in ‘Gruevski’s head’, bilingualism will be fully implemented in Veles, Prilep, Skopje (VIDEO)

Bilingualism was not a pre-election rhetoric of VMRO-DPMNE, show developments after June 1. The Law on Languages entered the Parliament with a European flag, and the provisions of the law will enter the everyday life of the Macedonians instead of staying in ‘Gruevski’s head’, as SDSM assured.

Alsat-M TV‘s show 360 Degrees  made an analysis of the new draft law on languages, with which Macedonia will definitely become bilingual.

The legal changes will allow Talat Xhaferi to run Parliament sessions in Albanian language, and there will be promotion of the Albanian language at the Government sessions where ministers have not yet had the right to speak Albanian, but now they will be given the opportunity to use the Albanian language in the overall functioning of the government, both verbally and in writing.

Albanian language becomes official in all state administration bodies, central institutions, public enterprises, agencies, directorates and other legal entities. The PRO and the Health Insurance Fund are mentioned as an example.

It is interesting that for example, the cities of Veles and Prilep, although not bilingual, but bordering with bilingual municipalities, and for this reason all regional offices of the central institutions in these municipalities will become bilingual.

Border crossings and airports will also be subject to this law and will receive bilingual boards. For example, the Alexander the Great Airport will receive its own translation, Alexandri I Madh, and the police, firefighter units and healthcare workers will receive bilingual uniforms.

The implementation of the law will be monitored by the Inspectorate for the use of languages that will punish institutions that do not comply with the law with fines of 4 to 5 thousand euros, as well as 30 per cent of the amount for the responsible official.