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Insulin before expiration date distributed to children and young people

At the first press conference held by Venko Filipce as a newly appointed Minister of Health, he spoke exactly about insulin, that there is no insulin crisis, and that there is no problem with the medication, and only a few months later, he gives that medication to patients before its expiration date until September, Kurir reports.

On Thursday, insulins with an expiration date until September were given to children and young people as well.

People who take insulin are angrily asking how can they use all these insulin cartridges in 2 weeks and whether they should take the medication after its expiration date.

“Filipce, what are you doing, are you aware of what you’re doing at all?” To all people with type 1 diabetes, most of whom are children and young people, you gave us insulins with an expiration date until September!!!! How can we use all these insulin cartridges in 2 weeks ???? What is this? Murder? After that, should we take insulin past its expiration date? Yesterday you gave such insulins, with two weeks until their expiration date and donated, to children who were waiting before me. For God’s sake!!! These insulins should last me for a month and a half, and the expiration date is until September 2018!! So after that, should I take insulin past its expiration date? Come on, what are you doing?” reads a Facebook post.