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Inventive and original piano by Macedonian designer Apostol Tnokovski (PHOTO)

Macedonian industrial designer Aposstol Tnokovski, whose inventive and original concepts in the recent years have been published in many international magazines like "Vogue", "Playboy", "National Geographic"...

This time Apostol is presenting his latest piano design named “Wave”, with very attractive and simple design. In a few words, design which will impress you.

01 Wave Black persp1

A full set of ivories is presented at the base of a long and graceful arc that makes up the body and the cover of the tuneful contraption.

04 Wave Black side

To complete its streamlined and futuristic look, the melodious object has been finished in a high-gloss black that casts off lustrous reflections.

02 Wave Black top

Apostol Tnokovski, finds inspiration from the water world, often using organic forms in his concepts.

Apostol Tnokovski