Tuesday, 20 November 2018 | News today: 22

Is Zaev offering amnesty for April 27?

The Parliament is holding Monday its 61. session on the motion for constitutional revision fled by Government.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev elaborated the motion, saying the country’s future lies in the hands of the MPs and urging them to vote according to their own will, especially the ones who are reluctant.

“Look to the future, the future of your children. The citizens’ will is for the country to move forward,” said PM Zaev.

According to him, the other option would put the country into isolation and bring back the political trauma from the past 27 years, and especially from the recent period.

The PM said the vote for European future would take the country towards full-fledged NATO and EU membership.

“You should decide whether we gain a lot or lose a lot,” stressed Zaev.

He said partisan divisions should end, sending a message of reconciliation over the April 27 events in Parliament.

“Here is a chance to forgive ourselves,” said the prime minister pointing out on April 27, when he was the first target of those attacks. “Let’s extend our hands,” said Zaev and added that people would not forgive themselves if politicians and MPs did not.

He said the Government was prepared to accept amendments but in the spirit of the Prespa Agreement.

Did Zaev announce an amnesty for the defendants in the events that took place on April 27 in the Parliament, in order to secure a two-thirds majority for the Prespa Agreement?

MPs from all parties take part at the session, also attended by Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov.