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ISIS calls on Balkan Muslims to either join it or kill the infidels in Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania (VIDEO)


Alhayat Media Center – a propaganda center established to reach audiences in the West with Islamic messages has published a video in which members of ISIS are threatening the Balkan countries. In the video dubbed “Honor is in Jihād: A Message to the People of the Balkans”, members of ISIS who came from the Balkans call on other Muslims from the Balkans to go to fight in Iraq and Syria.

“I send a message to the Taghuts of Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and all of the Balkans. Do not think that we have forgotten about how you oppressed the Muslims. Do not think that we have forgotten the enmity you have towards Allah’s religion…”, a member of ISIS says in the video.

“Fight them over there. If you can put explosives under their cars, in their houses, all over them. If you can, take poison, put it in their drink, in their meal. Make them die, make them die of poisoning. Kill them wherever you are”, they say.

In the video, ISIS calls on Balkan Muslims to either join it or kill the infidels in their countries.

Among the identified Islamists are Abu Bilkis, aka Al Albani and Abu Mukatil, aka Al Kosovo, as well as Abu Muhammad al Bosni.